[ejabberd] problems using ejabberd for logging

Boris Okner boris.okner at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 19:09:28 MSK 2014

Hi Frederik,

"service-unavailable" usually indicates there is something wrong with
the JID the stanza is sent to. You may want to change ejabberd logging
to debug level and check for the messages coming from your error
logging bot. You should then be able to see which messages trigger the



On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Frederik Bosch <f.bosch at genkgo.nl> wrote:

>   Hello,
> We made a chat room for error logging. When some error occurs on one of
> our services, the error message should be printed in this room. However,
> occasionally, the error logging is kicked from the room. I cannot resolve
> why this happens.
> Error Logger left the room (This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message to another participant: service-unavailable).
> I tried to look this up in the code, and I have found line 1296 in
> https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/blob/master/src/mod_muc_room.erl,
> but that does not help me what to do to fix this. The logs on the server
> also do not help me. It could be the message, but when I send the same
> message as my own user, I am not kicked. It has to do with connection, or
> something like that. The error logging user disconnects immediately after
> he has sent the message.
> We are running Debian Wheezy, ejabberd (2.1.10-4+deb7u1) . Anyone any
> idea? Hope you can help.
> Regards,
> Frederik
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