[ejabberd] Migration from 2.* to 14.* trouble with pgsql

Yiorgis Gozadinos ggozad at crypho.com
Mon Oct 6 12:08:19 MSK 2014


I am trying to finally move a 2.1.13 installation to the 14.07 release.
My trouble starts with pubsub and odbc using Postgres. Aside from that I
can authenticate properly, and see that users created are stored in the db
as well.

When trying to query or create nodes (anything pubsub really) I get the
following on my logs.

10:03:23.303 [error] transaction return internal error:

I also tried to compile https://github.com/processone/pgsql and copied the
.beam files over to /lib/ejabberd/ebin but it does not seem to make any

I would really appreciate any help as this is the last thing stopping me
from migrating.
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