[ejabberd] XmlRpc failed on some commands, seems require auth, but how?

Jiejing.Zhang kzjeef at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 20:37:52 MSK 2014


I have an issue when using ejabberd 14.07 (latest, also 13.02) do some
ejabberd and xml_rpc to build my application.

I can use xmlrpc to list user's roster when I development on Mac(14.07),
but when I deployment it to Ubuntu server, I cannot get the correct result
back from xmlrpc.

The error message is like:

`2014-08-19 05:15:47.159 [error] <0.545.0>

And I have checked the source code, and I found it seems caused by the
execute_command require an auth information.

But I don't know how to pass auth information in xml_rpc, also I don't find
any example by google.

I have posted my entire config & error log  & test script in

But I don't get response for about 2 weeks.

Could some one give some tip on this issue.


Best regards,
Zhang Jiejing
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