[ejabberd] How to change node name on Clustered node

Uday Sawant uday at sweetcouch.com
Tue Apr 14 19:31:49 MSK 2015


How can I change node name on clustered node. I tried steps mentioned in
ejabberd docs Change Computer Hostname. At step 6 it logs something like

 * Checking table: 'local_config'
>    + Checking key: 'ram_copies'
>      - Node: ''ejabberd at second' will not be modified (it is not
> ''ejabberd at first')
>      - Replacing nodename: ''ejabberd at first'' with: ''
> ejabberd at new.first.com''
>    + Checking key: 'disc_copies'
>    + Checking key: 'disc_only_copies'

After this I am not able to load fallback (Error: short names not allowed).

Also, Is it possible to copy data between short name node and long name
node without any downtime?
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