[ejabberd] Clustering not working...

Vikram Lalit vikramlalit at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 01:38:38 MSK 2015

Hi.. I am rather new to ejabberd so apologize if this is trivial.

I've set up a ejabberd (v 15.04) cluster on AWS using 2 Ubuntu images.
Whilst I am able to successfully cluster the two (using the command
join_cluster from the 2nd node to the 1st node), I am not sure if the
behavior is as expected... any thoughts would be much appreciated...

To detail further, 2 different clients connected to the 2 nodes separately
can communicate with each other. However, when I stop the server on the
secondary node, I would still expect the two clients to be able to talk to
each other. But instead, this 2nd client simply gets disconnected as the
server is not running.

Is there something possibly that am overlooking here?

Many thanks!
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