[ejabberd] some points last version

ricky gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 20:13:25 MSK 2015

Hi list, I have some points I want to mention the latest version of ejabberd.

I have two users Alice and Bob both are online and chat well , alice
loses connection and bob still looks online. Usually this occurs in
wifi or 3G networks .

I realize that there was a disconnection, because you send a message
and she did not receive.

ejabberd documentation tells me mod ping is my friend Connection
issues and statements of my buddy , although such connections exceeds

the second ejabberd does not store offline messages from my buddy ,
alice did not receive the message bob at the time of disconnection.

I have the mod_offline module working, but not working for me


  ## Maximum number of simultaneous sessions allowed for a single user:
    all: 10
  ## Maximum number of offline messages that users can have:
    admin: 5000
    all: 100

    access_max_user_messages: max_user_offline_messages

ejabberd can announce when a user session to skype style! ?




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