[ejabberd] Long living sessions in mod_muc

Matthias Rieber ml-erlang at zu-con.org
Fri Feb 13 17:54:24 MSK 2015



Am 2015-02-11 18:30, schrieb Santiago Ignacio Poli: 

> Hi, I want to implement a Whatsapp-like multi user chat. To do so, I need to fool ejabberd to never close the user session and therefore prevent him from leaving the room any time he disconnects. 
> It would be easy to implement such functionality? My experience in Erlang is basic, but I thing I can manage it. It would be nice if someone could give me a hint on where to start. I'm looking inside mod_muc.erl and mod_muc_room.erl but I didn't find anything yet.

it might be an idea to use pubsub instead of mod_muc. Here are some
thought's about pubsub vs. mod_muc:


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