[ejabberd] deploy ejabberd and crash kernel

Mickaël Rémond mremond at process-one.net
Wed Jan 14 00:18:56 MSK 2015


On 13 Jan 2015, xserverlinux at gmail.com wrote:

> 2015-01-13 10:09 GMT-06:00 mamat hensem <hensem at gmail.com>:
>> try to kill all ejabberd and erlang process
>> then uninstall and delete the whole ejabberd directory
>> try installing again
> Hi , kill all process and then delete directory
> but it has the same problem

It seems the system does not have the right to properly start the
distribution part. Probably the command epmd is not running.

Try restarting epmd manually from the installer bin directory in debug
mode in a separate terminal to get more diagnostics:

  epmd -kill     (In case it is running)
  epmd -debug

(Send epmd the kill signal if it does not want to die)

Mickaël Rémond

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