[ejabberd] Handle support Queues

vedant agarwala vedant at instanoapp.com
Tue Jul 7 11:32:50 MSK 2015


I want to add a feature for my chat operators to handle messages from
users, similar to how a support chat would work. Many users would request
to chat with the 'operator' but in fact they would be chatting with one of
the many operators. On the backend, I will route a new user's message to
one of the available operators.

>From what I have searched there is nothing like this in ejabberd. If there
is, please point me to it so that I can build my work on top of that rather
than starting from scratch.

If I start from scratch, I know I will need to a module for it. But I have
a couple of questions:

   - Would the XMPP client (for the operator) need some create/handle
   additional packets to signal availability per resource
   - I'm thinking to have a singe username (say 'operator') with which the
   clients can chat. Is there a better way?
   - mod MAM <https://www.ejabberd.im/node/24714> is a necessity
   - I want to be able to add routing based on simple text analysis and
   gradually add automated replies. Won't be adding this now but I want my
   implementation to have space for this.
   - Some other things I haven't thought about as yet ;-)

There was a similar post: https://www.ejabberd.im/node/3170
Any feedback, guidance are more than welcome.

Vedant Agarwala.
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