[ejabberd] Backup is not possible using ejabberdctl in version 2.1.11

e7p lists at e7p.de
Sat Jun 20 04:53:16 MSK 2015


although I don't know, if the problem may be fixed in newer versions of
ejabberd (2.1.11 is the currently available version in the ubuntu
repository) I may ask, how to resolve the following error:

As I try to migrate an ejabberd to a new host, I wanted to change the
node-host of the jabber node. I followed the instructions from the
documentation chapter "Change Computer Hostname" but got an error when
trying to back up the old node.

# ejabberdctl --node ejabberd at phoenix backup /tmp/old.backup
Can't store backup in "/tmp/old.backup" at node ejabberd at phoenix:
{"Cannot prepare checkpoint (replica not available)", [pubsub_last_item,
{{1434, 764649, 118530}, ejabberd at phoenix}]}

While starting and connecting to the old node works very well, backing
it up leads to this error. Though no backup is generated.

We use LDAP authentication in our configuration and have
mod_shared_roster activated.

What is causing this failure and how could we now generate our backup to
finally change the nodename?

Kind regards,

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