[ejabberd] Problem in PEP

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 24 16:47:12 MSK 2015

* Muruga Prabu M <murugaprabum at gmail.com> [2015-06-24 16:48]:
> The configuration below is the pubsub configuration that I use
> mod_pubsub:
>     # [...]
>     plugins:
>       - "pep"
>       - "hometree"
>       - "flat" # pep requires mod_caps

The order of the plugin list is significant here, as the first plugin
will be used by default for non-PEP PubSub nodes.  I'd recommend moving
the "flat" plugin to the top, unless you don't want to support non-PEP
nodes, in which case I'd just remove "hometree" and "flat".  But that's
unrelated to your question.

> The problem is when ever any contact who has a presence subscription to the
> publishing client comes online, I receive the following message stanza

Who is "I"?  The publishing client or the contact that's coming online?
In your example, it's bob at, and that address wasn't
mentioned elsewhere in your posting, so I'm unsure:

> <message from='bob at temp.com'> to='bob at'>[...]


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