[ejabberd] Problem in PEP

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 25 09:49:53 MSK 2015

* Muruga Prabu M <murugaprabum at gmail.com> [2015-06-25 02:38]:
> Holger Weiß <holger <at> zedat.fu-berlin.de> writes:
> > * Muruga Prabu M <murugaprabum <at> gmail.com> [2015-06-24 16:48]:
> > > The configuration below is the pubsub configuration that I use
> > Who is "I"?  The publishing client or the contact that's coming online?
> > In your example, it's bob <at>, and that address wasn't
> > mentioned elsewhere in your posting, so I'm unsure:
> Yes the I which I have mentioned is bob <at>

So bob at goes online and receives the last PEP item of his
contact?  Yes, that's what PEP does by default:


Usually, that's what you want; but if you don't, you can set the node
configuration option 'send_last_published_item' to 'on_sub' or 'never'
(instead of the default setting 'on_sub_and_presence'):



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