[ejabberd] Backup is not possible using ejabberdctl in version 2.1.11

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 12:52:18 MSK 2015


I don't know why that happens, or how to recover that table so you can
backup it.

But I can think a workaround which may help you: delete that table
before making the backup. You can use ejabberd's WebAdmin -> Nodes ->
your node -> Database -> ... -> Delete table -> Send


On 20 June 2015 at 03:53, e7p <lists at e7p.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> although I don't know, if the problem may be fixed in newer versions of
> ejabberd (2.1.11 is the currently available version in the ubuntu
> repository) I may ask, how to resolve the following error:
> As I try to migrate an ejabberd to a new host, I wanted to change the
> node-host of the jabber node. I followed the instructions from the
> documentation chapter "Change Computer Hostname" but got an error when
> trying to back up the old node.
> # ejabberdctl --node ejabberd at phoenix backup /tmp/old.backup
> Can't store backup in "/tmp/old.backup" at node ejabberd at phoenix:
> {"Cannot prepare checkpoint (replica not available)", [pubsub_last_item,
> {{1434, 764649, 118530}, ejabberd at phoenix}]}
> While starting and connecting to the old node works very well, backing
> it up leads to this error. Though no backup is generated.
> We use LDAP authentication in our configuration and have
> mod_shared_roster activated.
> What is causing this failure and how could we now generate our backup to
> finally change the nodename?
> Kind regards,
> e7p
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