[ejabberd] Berlin XMPP Meetup

Tobias Kräntzer info at tobias-kraentzer.de
Mon Mar 2 23:23:10 MSK 2015

Hi Mickaël,

>> I created a meetup group to gather the Berlin XMPP community. If you
>> are interested, I would be happy if you join. This first meetup should
>> be an informal round to get to know each other. Place and time yet to
>> be determined.
> Great initiative. If you do not mind, I would be happy to post about it
> on ejabberd.im website.

go ahead. I’m happy to spread it out to the world. Let’s see where this is going … ;-)


Tobias Kräntzer
Grünberger Straße 40 | 10245 Berlin

xmpp:info at tobias-kraentzer.de
Twitter: @anagrom_ataf

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