[ejabberd] 'from' attribute in delay element of MUC history message has jid of occupant instead of room

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 10 02:09:54 MSK 2015

* Gaurav Jain <monkeyfdude at gmail.com> [2015-03-08 15:38]:
> I am observing that from attribute of delay element in MUC history
> message has JID of the occupant instead of room.

If the room is non-anonymous, yes.

> Why is set to the JID of occupant instead of JID of room.

Because it was specified that way in previous revisions of XEP-0045.
ejabberd has now been updated¹ to comply with the current version.

Thanks for the report!


¹ https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/commit/d991b92a49

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