[ejabberd] Recommended Workflow for Ejabberd Development

Santiago Ignacio Poli santiago at etermax.com
Tue Mar 31 16:31:46 MSK 2015

I'm developing some Ejabberd modules for my custom messaging solution.
Currently, I write all my Erlang code with Sublime Text, then I compile it,
move it to ejabberd's "ebin" folder and restart the server to see my
changes. Its not that tedious once you get used to it, but I was wondering
if there is a better way to do it.
It will be great if I can import the entire ejabberd project into an IDE
like IntelliJ IDEA (It has great Erlang support) and do modifications with
auto reload (or at least without manually compiling and moving every file).

What's the usual (and faster) Ejabberd development workflow?

*Santiago Ignacio Poli*
*Java Developer **@etermax*
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