[ejabberd] Recommended Workflow for Ejabberd Development

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 31 17:07:59 MSK 2015

* Santiago Ignacio Poli <santiago at etermax.com> [2015-03-31 10:31]:
> Currently, I write all my Erlang code with Sublime Text, then I compile it,
> move it to ejabberd's "ebin" folder and restart the server to see my
> changes. Its not that tedious once you get used to it, but I was wondering
> if there is a better way to do it.

You can update mod_foo by running "ejabberdctl update mod_foo".  (The
"ejabberdctl update_list" command spits out the list of modules that can
be updated.)

> It will be great if I can import the entire ejabberd project into an IDE
> like IntelliJ IDEA (It has great Erlang support) and do modifications with
> auto reload (or at least without manually compiling and moving every file).

I have no experience with programming Erlang in full-blown IDEs.
Personally I just use Vim with Erlang support¹, and I set things up so
that ejabberd or individual modules can be built using Vim's :make


¹ I use <https://github.com/jimenezrick/vimerl.git> but was going to try
  out <http://vim-erlang.github.io/>.

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