[ejabberd] export and import users, password and contacts

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue May 26 12:58:00 MSK 2015

* David Miranda Aragon <david at eniacfg.co.cu> [2015-05-21 10:42]:
> that command must be used to save my users with their password and their
> contacts created in my ejabberd server. the problem is I want to change my
> ejabberd and install debian 8

If you're using Mnesia storage, you could use the following commands to
dump the data to a text file and to restore it using that file:

$ ejabberdctl dump /tmp/ejabberd.dat
$ ejabberdctl load /tmp/ejabberd.dat

You could also just grab a copy of Mnesia's "spool" directory and copy
that into place before starting the new server.  The following command
should tell you the correct path (which might be different on the old
and on the new server):

$ awk -F= '/SPOOL_*DIR=\// {print $NF}' `which ejabberdctl`


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