[ejabberd] Steps to integrate new stanza element

Vikram Lalit vikramlalit at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 00:24:43 MSK 2015

Hi - I'm relatively new to ejabberd and Erlang, so apologies if this is
rather basic. I'm looking to introduce new data types / elements in the
message stanza (i.e. parallel to 'body') sent from the client to server and
reverse. Whilst I could implement the former rather easily, I'm struggling
to understand how do I make ejabberd understand these updated incoming
messages, and what needs to be changed further to have the server be able
to forward these messages on to further clients.

Would anyone be able to broadly outline what all types of changes, etc.
this would incur? Or any other starting points that can help me get
educated here...?

If its worth it, I've downloaded ejabberd 15.04 on Ubuntu and I am using an
iOS client.

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