[ejabberd] upgrading from 14.12 to 16.06 and db migration

Raoul Duke rduke496 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 19:37:32 MSK 2016


I am running ejabberd 14.12.  I am using ODBC (mysql) for the shared roster
groups and user auth.  but there are various things stored in the mnesia
database.  the only one of which I believe I care about is the offline

when I am upgrading to 16.06 should I:

a] just copy the entire (mnesia) database from 14.12 to the 16.06 install
and hope that it works fine
b] should I be more granular and only copy the offline message table

I guess this is predicated on: is the database schema from 14.12 drop-in
compatible with 16.06?   or is migration auto-handled?  or do I need to <do
something manual> to deal with migration.

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