[ejabberd] Slow PubSub Affiliation Change

Florian Sailer fs at sailer-interactive.com
Fri Aug 12 21:31:00 MSK 2016


i use the following stanza to change the affiliation of a user to a 
PubSub node:

<iq from='admin at server.com' id=xxx' to='pubsub.server.com' type='set' 
node='nodename'><affiliation affiliation='owner' 
jid='user at server.com/resource'/></affiliations></pubsub></iq>

It takes about a second for ejabberd to return a result iq while all 
other PubSub operations (create, subscribe, publish) are blazing fast. 
This also leads to a very high system load if i run these operations in 
larger batches. Is there a reason why this operation is so slow? Do you 
have any hints how i could further investigate this issue? I run 
ejabberd 16.06 on Ubuntu 16.04 with MySQL database (for auth and 
pubsub). Thanks, Florian

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