[ejabberd] ejabberd 12.12.beta's bugs

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 19:41:56 MSK 2016


I installed ejabberd 16.12-beta1, configured mod_muc to use sql,
created three accounts and tried to reproduce your problem. When user1
removes membership of somebody, the subscribers list is stored

When a user subscribes, do you see in logs a "UPDATE muc_room" with
correct subscribers, or not?

Later, when you see in logs a "UPDATE muc_room" with no subscribers,
are the subscriptions working correctly? Do subscribers get messages
correctly? Does the admin get the correct list of subscribers?
<iq to='sala1 at conference.localhost'
  <subscriptions xmlns='urn:xmpp:mucsub:0' />
<iq to='user1 at localhost/tka1'
  from='sala1 at conference.localhost'
  <subscriptions xmlns='urn:xmpp:mucsub:0'>
    <subscription jid='user3 at localhost'/>


On 5 December 2016 at 07:49, jacob jabber <ejabberd.jacob at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi . I using ejabberd 12.12.beta.
> In muc/sub when i have g5's group
> g5
> owner: user1
> member: user2,user3
> subscribers: user4, user5
>  when change affiliation user2 or add new members, removed subscribers.
> ejabberd update muc_room and removed subscribers,
> 2016-12-05 09:56:22.808 [debug]
> <0.385.0>@ejabberd_sql:sql_query_internal:570 SQL: "UPDATE muc_room SET
> opts='[{title,<<>>},\n {vcard,<<>>},\n {voice_request_min_interval,1800},\n
> {allow_change_subj,true},\n {allow_query_users,true},\n
> {allow_private_messages,true},\n
> {allow_private_messages_from_visitors,anyone},\n
> {allow_visitor_status,true},\n {allow_visitor_nickchange,true},\n
> {allow_voice_requests,true},\n {public,false},\n {public_list,false},\n
> {persistent,true},\n {mam,false},\n {moderated,true},\n
> {members_by_default,true},\n {members_only,false},\n
> {allow_user_invites,false},\n {password_protected,false},\n
> {password,<<>>},\n {anonymous,true},\n {captcha_protected,false},\n
> {description,<<>>},\n {logging,true},\n {max_users,200},\n
> {affiliations,[{{<<\"user3\">>,<<\"example.com\">>,<<>>},{member,<<>>}},\n
> {{<<\"user2\">>,<<\"example.com\">>,<<>>},{member,<<>>}},\n
> {{<<\"user1\">>,<<\"example.com\">>,<<>>},{owner,<<>>}}]},\n
> {subject,<<>>},\n {subject_author,<<>>}]' WHERE name='g5' AND
> host='conference.example.com'"
> 2016-12-05 09:56:22.808 [debug]
> <0.385.0>@ejabberd_sql:sql_query_internal:570 SQL: "commit;"
> Is this a bug?
> when subscribers have to  removed?
> thanks
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