[ejabberd] Presence not working in S2S Communication

syamalaraotsn at bel.co.in syamalaraotsn at bel.co.in
Mon Dec 26 06:14:33 MSK 2016

Hello All,

I configured two ejabberd servers with names "abc.com" and "xyz.com" in
S2S configuration in different physical nodes(machines).

In my setup, each node has a separate Ejabberd Server, LDAP, Database,
Application Server.

In both the ejabberd servers i registered a Shared roster group called
"test"(with @all@ configuration). Users within the same ejabberd server
are able to see each other presence successfully.

But the users across ejabberd servers are unable to see each other users
presence status(i.e users of abc.com are not able to see the presence of
xyz.com users & vice-versa), to solve this problem i added the users of
"abc.com" in "xyz.com" shared roster "test" manually & vice-versa. After
that presence is working fine.

Now my question, is there any configuration available in ejabberd/smack to
avoid manually adding users to each other roster's?

I need to configure 100+ ejabberd nodes. Adding each servers users to
other servers roster is really tiresome job. Hence looking for a

At each node, ejabberd is configured to LDAP of that node. LDAP in each
node contains the details of the registered users in that node only i.e(
other node user details are not available in LDAP).

But in the Database of each node, contains all the users details i.e Self
node users details along with other node users details always.

Note: LDAP contains username & password. Database only contains username.
Hence authentication can be done only against LDAP from Ejabberd.

Thanks in Advance!!!

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