[ejabberd] Presence not working in S2S Communication

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 28 01:58:31 MSK 2016

* <syamalaraotsn at bel.co.in> [2016-12-26 08:44]:
> In both the ejabberd servers i registered a Shared roster group called
> "test"(with @all@ configuration). Users within the same ejabberd server
> are able to see each other presence successfully.
> But the users across ejabberd servers are unable to see each other users
> presence status(i.e users of abc.com are not able to see the presence of
> xyz.com users & vice-versa), to solve this problem i added the users of
> "abc.com" in "xyz.com" shared roster "test" manually & vice-versa. After
> that presence is working fine.

That's to be expected:

| A shared roster group can have members from any XMPP server, but the
| presence will only be available from and to members of the same virtual
| host where the group is created.

[ https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/configuration/#modsharedroster ]

> Now my question, is there any configuration available in ejabberd/smack to
> avoid manually adding users to each other roster's?



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