[ejabberd] Problem in Ejabberd integration with Oracle database

syamalaraotsn at bel.co.in syamalaraotsn at bel.co.in
Sat Dec 31 13:18:15 MSK 2016

Hello All,

I need to integrate ejabberd with Oracle database(don't want to use Mnesia
default database). I searched the ejabberd forums but couldn't find any

Can some body help me in integration of ejabberd server with Oracle database.

I enabled the below parameters in "ejabberd.yml" file:

auth_method: odbc
odbc_type: odbc
odbc_server: "DSN=dbname@//dbipaddr:port/SID;UID=dbuser;PWD=dbuserpassword"

I'm getting an error like below:

ejabberd_odbc:handle_info:323 unexpected info in connecting
ejabberd_odbc: connecting: 242 odbc connection failed.
Reason: connection_closed
Retry after: 30 seconds

i am successfully able to connect ejabberd with Mysql & Postgres
databases, but not able to connect with Oracle.

Thanks & Regards,

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