[ejabberd] MUC admin via ad-hoc commands

Carlos Gunners goondaba at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 14:52:24 MSK 2016


I inherited the admin of a jabber server (an elderly v 2.1.5 server) and my
immediate challenge is being able to manage MUCs ..

I know mod_muc_admin / ejabberdctl is the most admin-friendly interface,
but it is not an option for me now on this old and tightly controlled)
Debian Lenny server: I will have to find the compatible version for 2.1.5
and compile it (along with all deps) against old EOL'ed libraries, etc ..

Medium-term, I will be upgrading the OS, and moving to ejabberd 15x or 16x

I have enabled mod_adhoc and mod_configure and restarted ejabberd, which
means I should be able to administrate MUCs via adhoc commands .. But this
does not seem to be working for me ..

Have tried via various xmpp clients: tkabber, gajim, psi

>From the xmpp clients I can access all admin features (also available via
the web admin), but just don't seem to have access to MUC admin commands ..

** Not sure what I am doing wrong here and how to troubleshoot it  .. will
appreciate suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting this ..

If I can't use xmpp client via ad-hoc commands, my only other recourse
would be to dump out to file .. edit file and the import/restore .. and
this brings me to my 2nd question:
** To restore from file, do I need to take the service down (or restart it)?

Thanks in advance for responses ..

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