[ejabberd] MUC admin via ad-hoc commands

Jean-Philippe Cugnet jean-philippe at cugnet.eu
Tue Feb 16 20:52:57 MSK 2016

Le 16 févr. 2016 à 13:50, Carlos Gunners <goondaba at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Is there a useful upgrade / migration guide you could point me to for reference ?

As far I remember my upgrade from 2.x to 15.x, there was two importants things to do. First, convert the ejabberd.cfg to ejabberd.yml after installation. The new configuration format in YAML is way better to understand so it’s a gain for admins. Second, I had some problems on FreeBSD with the location of ejabberd’s home. Indeed, my 2.x installation stored the database and other files in `/var/spool/ejabberd` and the 15.x one in `/usr/home/ejabberd`. The solution was to add in ejabberdctl.cfg `HOME="/var/spool/ejabberd"` (replace by the actual location of your ejabberd files).


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