[ejabberd] Redis Connection errors during testing

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Fri Feb 19 13:11:48 MSK 2016

Thanks Evgeny :-) I had just added this comment to my SO question on this
[1] just as your email came in. This is great news and is what I expected
... i was just a bit too impatient in my testing to wait for offline
storage to be checked!

There seems to be around 2 minutes between the session being reconnected
(and so i can start sending messages again) and when these missed messages
are retrieved from offline storage and sent to the client. Going to look
into this, but is there a control mechanism to kick off an offline storage
check when the session comes back up so that i can reduce the two minutes
to a few seconds?

It turns out in this situation the message is actually routed to offline
storage - very nice :-) Hence, a few minutes later (roughly 3 minutes in my
tests) the messages are sent - but with the timestamp of when they were
sent. Not sure what controls how long the offline storage is checked but to
clarify, the messages are in fact NOT lost at all, just redirected.



On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 10:06 AM, Evgeny Khramtsov <xramtsov at gmail.com>

> Thu, 18 Feb 2016 23:45:52 +0000
> Steven Livingstone <steven at livz.org> wrote:
> > Is there some setting I can use to avoid losing these messages? I'd
> > expect either a time window, number of tries or something and that
> > indeed may be the intention of some of the parameters in
> > https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/guide/configuration/#redis ... but i
> > don't want to go hacking them quite yet until i fully understand what
> > is going on.
> Actually you're not losing them, because ejabberd puts such messages in
> offline storage, so after reconnection you will get them.
> Regarding time window and other: as you understand if the database is
> unavailable ejabberd needs to store those messages somewhere. This
> requires some buffering with tricky callbacks which is quite an effort
> to write.
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