[ejabberd] Service Discovery not working from external Server

Christoph (JabJab.de) mail at jabjab.de
Mon Feb 29 15:31:20 MSK 2016


I'm running some gateways on my Server (ejabberd 16.01), like 
icq.jabjab.de, xmpp.jabjab.de
and so on.

It seems, that these gateways are only accessable by xmpp accounts on my 
server. So users from
jabber.ccc.de or any other servers don't see them in the service 

Since I don't know where to look to fix this I'm quite stuck right now. 
The docs at docs.ejabberd.im
don't say anything about 'make externel components available to other 

If anyone can give me some advice where or what to google, it would help 
a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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