[ejabberd] Service Discovery not working from external Server

Christoph (JabJab.de) mail at jabjab.de
Mon Feb 29 15:45:45 MSK 2016

Hi Badlop,

the * entry exists:

dig icq.jabjab.de

icq.jabjab.de.          21599   IN      A

dig somestuffthatneverwillexist.jabjab.de

somestuffthatneverwillexist.jabjab.de. 21599 IN A
Any other idea?



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>probably this is your case:
>On 29 February 2016 at 13:31, Christoph (JabJab.de) <mail at jabjab.de> 
>>  Hi,
>>  I'm running some gateways on my Server (ejabberd 16.01), like 
>>  xmpp.jabjab.de
>>  and so on.
>>  It seems, that these gateways are only accessable by xmpp accounts on 
>>  server. So users from
>>  jabber.ccc.de or any other servers don't see them in the service 
>>  Since I don't know where to look to fix this I'm quite stuck right 
>>now. The
>>  docs at docs.ejabberd.im
>>  don't say anything about 'make externel components available to other
>>  servers'.
>>  If anyone can give me some advice where or what to google, it would 
>>help a
>>  lot.
>>  Thanks in advance.
>>  Chris
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