[ejabberd] Downstream dependency naming conventions

Randy Barlow randy at electronsweatshop.com
Sun Jan 3 21:11:24 MSK 2016


I have been working on packaging ejabberd for Fedora, and I am unsure of
what the expected names of the dependencies should be. I noticed that in
the rebar.config file that many of the deps are named with a p1_ prefix,
for example p1_mysql:


I am new to Erlang as well as Erlang packaging, so forgive me if this is
a well known convention, but what would you expect the packages to be
named in downstream operating system packages? In Fedora, erlang
packages have a prefix of erlang-, so I am trying to decide which makes
the most sense between these formats:


I've been naming them as per the former scheme with the leading p1_ so
far, as it seems that rebar likes to find the dependencies in
/usr/lib64/erlang/lib/%{name} and it does seem to look for the leading
p1_. Is that what you would expect as well?

Thank you for any tips you can offer to an Erlang packaging beginner!

Randy Barlow
xmpp: bowlofeggs at electronsweatshop.com
irc:  bowlofeggs on Freenode

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