[ejabberd] postgres vs riak

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Sat Jan 9 03:05:18 MSK 2016

Hi. I'm looking into whether to go with Riak or Postgres as my eJabberd

The problem i'm thinking about with Postgres is that although it can scale
well for writes, it is hard to horizontally scale writes as your scale up
your platform (reads are easier) and as eJabberd is very much about writes
i am worried that i won't easily be able to scale the Master at some point
without a whole bunch of technical gymnastics.

This got me looking into Riak which looks like it scales much better for
writes and does so in a fairly straightforward manner. I have never used it
though so I am only going with what I have read this evening.

I still intend to use Postgres for relational stuff in my app (and possible
archiving etc), but for pure real time in ejabberd writes is Riak a better

Anyone got comparison metrics (tps etc), or pure experience for eJabberd?

Many thanks,
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