[ejabberd] External authentication crashed with reason: bad argument in extauth:call_port/2

David Cunningham dcunningham at voisonics.com
Thu Jul 21 04:24:31 MSK 2016


I'm using external authentication and have a perl program which is started
by ejabberd correctly. I can see the process running, ejabberd is it's
parent process, and the perl program writes to a log to say it's running.

But when I try to access the /admin/ web page ejabberd logs:

2016-07-20 18:23:00.870 [info] <0.471.0>@ejabberd_listener:accept:333
(#Port<0.18688>) Accepted connection ->
2016-07-20 18:23:00.871 [debug] <0.500.0>@ejabberd_http:init:154 S:
2016-07-20 18:23:00.871 [info] <0.500.0>@ejabberd_http:init:158 started:
2016-07-20 18:23:00.875 [debug] <0.500.0>@ejabberd_http:process_header:281
(#Port<0.18688>) http query: 'GET' <<"/admin/">>
2016-07-20 18:23:00.875 [debug] <0.500.0>@ejabberd_http:process:353
[<<"admin">>] matches [<<"admin">>]
2016-07-20 18:23:00.875 [error] <0.500.0> CRASH REPORT Process <0.500.0>
with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: bad argument in extauth:call_port/2
line 101

Given the external authentication program is running okay, can anyone
suggest how to debug the issue?

Thanks in advance,

David Cunningham, Voisonics
USA: +1 213 221 1092
Australia: +61 (0) 2 8063 9019
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