[ejabberd] Very Strange Problem with ejabberd 16.03 and muc

Gerhard Schmidt schmidt at ze.tum.de
Thu Jun 9 09:20:34 MSK 2016


some of our users report that there are some strange problems with the
muc part of our server.

I have tested the muc server an discoverd that once a user was in a
conference and left they are unable to join again

I'm running ejabberd 16.03 with erlang 18.3.3 on two FreeBSD 10.3
servers in a cluster.

The problem seams to have started when we upgraded from ejabber 15.07
and erlang 18.2.2 to the actual configuration.

the only error message i can find are messages like this

2016-06-09 08:01:37.498 [error] emulator Discarding message
{route,{jid,<<"estartu">>,<<"mytum.de">>,<<"Office">>,<<"estartu">>,<<"mytum.de">>,<<"Office">>},{jid,<<"wosintern">>,<<"conference.mytum.de">>,<<"estartu">>,<<"wosintern">>,<<"conference.mytum.de">>,<<"estartu">>},{xmlel,<<"presence">>,[{<<"to">>,<<"wosintern at conference.mytum.de/estartu">>},{<<"type">>,<<"unavailable">>}],[]}}
from <0.13536.1> to <0.6097.3> in an old incarnation (2) of this node (1)

I am really get quite a view of them in the error.log

any help is greatly appreciated as the usage of the muc service is not
possible right now.


Gerhard Schmidt                | E-Mail: schmidt at ze.tum.de
Technische Universität München | Jabber: estartu at ze.tum.de
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