[ejabberd] error 503/service-unavailable in one-to-one messaging

Gaurav Jain monkeyfdude at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 11:23:41 MSK 2016

During testing various network connection use cases, I encounter a problem
I do not fully understand.

* Its a 1 x 1 message (not MUC message)

* user1 sends a message to user2

* user2 is in the process of connecting to server (not fully connected yet)

* user1 gets an error message back (503/service-unavailable)

My understanding was:

* if user2 is not connected, the message from user1 will become offline.

* when user2 is connected, the offline message will be delivered

* It does work like that 99% of time except 1-2 times.

* Can you please tell under which circumstances 503 is returned for user2?*

* ----------------------------------------------*

*SEND: <message type="chat" to="user2 at developer.com <user2 at developer.com>"
id="**someID**"><body>Testing Testing</body><thread>123</thread><active

*RECV: <message xmlns="jabber:client" from="user2 at developer.com
<user2 at developer.com>" to="user1 at developer.com <user1 at developer.com>"
type="error" id="someID"><body>**Testing
<http://jabber.org/protocol/chatstates>"/><error code="503"

* ----------------------------------------------*
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