[ejabberd] Presence status of another entity when user went offline

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 8 02:54:09 MSK 2016

* Gaurav Jain <monkeyfdude at gmail.com> [2016-03-07 15:47]:
> I believe XMPP broadcasts only "available" presence for *existing*
> occupants of a room when a new occupant enters room.

Ah, I didn't realize you were talking about a MUC room when you
mentioned a "group" in your original posting :-)

> Assuming persistent room, if an "available" presence of any occupant is not
> received when a user enters room, then it should be
> considered "unavailable/offline".
> "unavailable" presence is broadcasted to only existing occupants of a room
> and is broadcasted only once when the user goes offline.
> I hope my understanding is correct.

Yes, it is.

That's where you notice that the MUC extension was created with IRC-like
rooms in mind, rather than with WhatsApp-like group chat (though the
latter can be implemented on top of MUC).


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