[ejabberd] Not authorized to create MUCs on my server

Alex Jordan alex at strugee.net
Wed Mar 16 03:19:35 MSK 2016

Hi, all -

I'm trying to set up mod_muc on my ejabberd 16.01-1~bpo8+1, running on
Debian Stable but installed from jessie-backports. Whenever I join a
new MUC address, I expect it to be created, but this isn't
happening. Instead, I usually get "conference not found", and once (on
Conversations) I got "banned from conference" after a little while.

I've searched for this issue a ton, including on the mailing list
archives, but it seems pretty obvious this is a subtle local
configuration problem.

I'm connecting as `alex at strugee.net`. My config (sans comments) is at
http://sprunge.us/hCJV. Any idea why this might be happening?

Thanks so much!

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