[ejabberd] ejabberd plugin posying to an external server

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Thu Mar 31 00:39:05 MSK 2016

Hi. I'd like some advice on the best way forward.

I'd like to implement some logic that sits between the sender of a
message and the receiver (both are on the same eJabberd host) such
that I can inspect the message body and if certain characters are in
the body, I can post them to an external web service (i don't need to
await a synchronous reply, i am really just logging).

I've written one or two ejabberd modules before but I am conscious
that writing something that sits in the middle in this manner could
become a bottleneck if not done properly.

Should I be looking at the gen_server behavior and pushing anything
that needs to be posted to the external web service to pass to a local
process from within the plugin, rather than the plugin making the http
request itself?

The plugins I have written so far haven't used the gen_server
functionality as they have just tied into the hooks and done some
logging and authentication so this is new to me, so any tips much

many thanks,

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