[ejabberd] history from server

Ricky Gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Sun May 8 05:33:49 MSK 2016

Hi, it is possible that this question was asked many times, but here's
a question I have and I want to solve, now I have a ejabberd 15.x
server with 400 users, the client default use is Jitsi in its latest
version, the problem is that some users to my server ejabberd from
their homes and on their personal computers and there do not load the
message history of the office are connected, they ask me if we can
find a solution, looking for a solution some mention using MySQL odbc,
but not a solution for me, if mysql use with ejabberd xmpp integration
lose my asterisk server, I work very well with the native bd ejabberd
and asterisk, restart the server now if history is lost.

any advice?



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