[ejabberd] Using multiple DB's with ejabberd?

Robert Latko robert at lmi-global.com
Fri May 13 22:59:28 MSK 2016

Hi all,

I prefer riak as the backend db for ejabberd however there is no pubsub 
implement. My question is kinda academic BUT is it possible to configure 
multiple db's for ejabberd?

./configure --enable-riak --enable-mysql  ?

Then in the ejabberd.yml


and everything else riak?

At the end of the day, mnesia is good enough for the pubsub implement 
however I've got a new developer that is not used to the erlang/mnesia 
paradigm as much as the php/mysql and setting up a sandbox with 
riak/mysql dual db's could be helpful for him to ride the learning curve.

Thanks in advance!!


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