[ejabberd] Redis Cluster Mode

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Tue May 24 18:36:02 MSK 2016

Hi - I have managed to set up a 3 node Redis master/master/master
cluster and after a bit of reading, managed to get redis-cli working
with it .... so long as I pass the "-c" flag to enable cluster mode.

However, when I try to use it in ejabberd, i get errors:

@ejabberd_sm_redis:clean_table:204 failed to clean redis table for
server domain.local: {error,<<"MOVED 10777">>}

@ejabberd_sm_redis:set_session:79 failed to set session for redis:
[{ok,<<"1">>},{error,<<"MOVED 10777">>}]

How can I enable cluster mode from the ejabberd redis client? Is this
supported yet?

It feels very strange to me that i need to enable this on the client
side but i assume there is Redis logic to it.

If there is not a way to do it in config, has anyone added a hack to
get this working? I am thinking that HA proxy in the middle could
maybe pass a header to the redis backend to enable this mode ... tho
not sure what that header would need to be.

many thanks,

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