[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap

flo2015+ejabberd at gramaton.org flo2015+ejabberd at gramaton.org
Wed Nov 2 20:47:01 MSK 2016

Le 28/10/2016 à 13:26, Marcio Luciano Donada a écrit :
> I'm using ejabberd 16:09 with and I am not able to do with what the
> mod_vcard_ejabberd see the information in the ldap, below module
> settings. any hint / help is welcome. User authentication occurs via
> ldap already and works very well.
>   mod_vcard_ldap:
>     ldap_vcard_map:
>       "NICKNAME": {"%u": ["displayName"]}
>       "GIVEN": {"%u": ["givenName"]}
>       [...]

You misused %u and %s I think. %u will be replaced with the user part of
the JID and %s will be replaced with values of LDAP attributes.
You should replace most of the %u with %s, except for the NICKNAME.

Maybe you should start with the exemples provided in the documentation
and then customize it to your needs.


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