[ejabberd] RES: mod_vcard_ldap

flo2015+ejabberd at gramaton.org flo2015+ejabberd at gramaton.org
Fri Nov 4 18:46:06 MSK 2016

Le 03/11/2016 à 21:56, Marcio Luciano Donada a écrit :
> I may be wrong, but I can not see where else in version 16.09 have the following configuration (see the parameters regarding the 2.1.11 version) but I can not make it work.
> mod_vcard_ldap:
>     ldap_vcard_map:
>       "NICKNAME": {"%s": ["displayName"]}
>       "GIVEN": {"%s": ["cn"]}
>       [...]

Weird. I have quite the same config and it works well for me. My LDAP
backend is openldap though but I don't think it's relevant.
What are your other ldap related parameters?

    grep ldap_ ejabberd.yml


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