[ejabberd] RES: RES: RES: mod_vcard_ldap

Marcio Luciano Donada mdonada at auroraalimentos.com.br
Mon Nov 7 23:44:54 MSK 2016

>Hmmm, all this looks fine.
>What makes you think that mod_vcard does not work?
>Using gajim or pidgin, can't you see vcard info for a given contact?
>Can you try this command on the server:
>ldapsearch -LLL -x -h server1 \
>-D usuario at auroraalimentos.com.br \
>-b OU=AURORA,DC=auroraalimentos,DC=com,DC=br \  "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=*))" \  givenName displayName


ldapsearch \
-x -h server1 \
-D "usuario at auroraalimentos.com.br" \
-W \
-b "OU=USUARIOS,OU=TI,OU=16-MATRIZ,OU=AURORA,DC=auroraalimentos,DC=com,DC=br" \
-s sub "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=*))" givenName displayName


# deivyd-carniel, USUARIOS, TI, 16-MATRIZ, AURORA, auroraalimentos.com.br
dn: CN=deivyd-carniel,OU=USUARIOS,OU=TI,OU=16-MATRIZ,OU=AURORA,DC=auroraalimentos,DC=com,DC=br
givenName: Deivyd
displayName: Deivyd Carniel

Search successful, do not understand why I have this in ejabberd the client in version 9.16 as originally spoken in version 2.1.11 had no problems with this query and nothing has changed in AD servers. If you see an error, please, can you show me?
Márcio Luciano Donada


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