[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap is both working and at the same time not

PF4Public PF4Public at mail.ru
Mon Sep 5 23:47:24 MSK 2016

Please, help me in debugging mod_vcard_ldap weirdness.

It used to work, but some time ago it stopped working in a very non-obvious way. (recent 
update maybe)

The problem is that I have it configured and if I set "search: true" all users are listed 
properly. But should I request user info from my IM client, it no longer shows LDAP info. 
What is wrong here?

loglevel: 5 just gives me the only line, mentioning 'mod_vcard_ldap':  [debug] <0.344.0> 
Supervisor ejabberd_sup started mod_vcard_ldap:start_link(<<"hostname">>, 
[{ldap_vcard_map,[{<<"NICKNAME"> and so on.

FWIF ldap authentication for ejabberd users is still ok.

ejabberd version is 16.08

I'm out of options now :(

Thanks in advance.

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