[ejabberd] Problem using a custom authentication

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Sat Sep 17 20:09:06 MSK 2016

Hi, I have created an authentication module which was build against
16.02 and runs fine when auth_method is set. It also works against

However, from 16.04 onwards it gives me the error "[error] ignoring
option 'auth_method' with invalid value: [jwt]"

I checked the code diff between those releases and the only change
seems to be to the mod_pubsub.erl file, specifically adding the

ServerHost = serverhost(Host),
+ ejabberd_hooks:run(pubsub_subscribe_node, ServerHost,
+ [ServerHost, Host, Node, Subscriber, SubId]),


I have tried disabling this module and even deleting the beam file as
i don't use it, but i can't seem ti get round it.

Does anyone have any insight as to why these changes will have broken
my authentication module?

My source is at the link below, but as i say has worked fine for a year:

many thanks,

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