[ejabberd] Problem using a custom authentication

Steven Livingstone steven at livz.org
Mon Sep 19 10:12:49 MSK 2016

Sorry Evgeny to follow up so quickly. It seems to me that you got it
running ok, recognised in the config and it was only the call that
failed. I know the reason for that call failing as the check_password
api has changed but i can't for the life of me get it running.

How did you compile the source ejabberd_auth_jwt? Perhaps I am missing
something in how things are set up. I will make the code fi but i've
been trying to get it running all weekend and i can't get it going in
anything beyond 16.03.


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 7:23 AM, Evgeny Khramtsov <xramtsov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sat, 17 Sep 2016 18:09:06 +0100
> Steven Livingstone <steven at livz.org> wrote:
>> However, from 16.04 onwards it gives me the error "[error] ignoring
>> option 'auth_method' with invalid value: [jwt]"
>> ...
>> My source is at the link below, but as i say has worked fine for a
>> year: https://github.com/ParamountVentures/ejabberd-auth-jwt
> I put ejabberd_auth_jwt.erl in src directory of the latest ejabberd
> (master branch), and set auth_method: jwt
> I got ejabberd running without configuration error and it saw the
> method:
> (ejabberd1 at zinid.ru)1> ejabberd_auth:auth_modules(<<"localhost">>).
> [ejabberd_auth_jwt]
> It doesn't have however, because of auth API change in the latest
> ejabberd:
> 09:21:23.695 [error] gen_fsm <0.649.0> in state
> wait_for_feature_request terminated with reason: call to undefined
> function ejabberd_auth_jwt:check_password(<<"user1">>, <<"user1">>,
> <<"localhost">>, <<"pass1">>) 09:21:23.695 [error] CRASH REPORT Process
> <0.649.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: call to undefined
> function ejabberd_auth_jwt:check_password(<<"user1">>, <<"user1">>,
> <<"localhost">>, <<"pass1">>) in p1_fsm:terminate/8 line 760
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