[ejabberd] Adding custom field to mod_vcard

Abhishek Ranjan abhishek at blacklightsw.com
Tue Apr 25 14:49:56 MSK 2017


I have been dealing with the vcards of a user while building the chat application using ejabberd as server. Now I wanted to add custom attributes to the vcard say employee blood group,hobbies etc. I have been told that whenever I am trying to add anything custom to the ejabberd. I should use either iq handlers or hooks. But since vcard values are present in the form of records defined in mod_vcard.hrl, how can a I add only few attributes like given above to an existing lot already present in vcard and If i will create the complete new record won't there be a clash between the new vcard values and the older ones.

Since I want the new attributes to get stored inside the existing tables(sql and mnesia) only, can anyone suggest me how to go about it.


Abhishek Ranjan
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