[ejabberd] Understand ejabberd_server.erl file during ejabberd upgrade from 14.05 to 17.04

Bhag Chandra bhag.chandra.erl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 22:35:03 MSK 2017


I am migrating my system from ejabberd 14.05 to 17.04

My concern right now is ejabberd_service.erl file, it has changed
drastically between these two versions.

In my existing system's ejabberd_service.erl file, I have written a code
snippet for special handling of my handshake in
"wait_for_handshake({xmlstreamelement, El}, StateData)". In new ejabberd,
there is no such function. Where do I write my this special handshake code
in new ejabberd_service file?
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