[ejabberd] Concurrency issue inside custom Module

Abhishek Ranjan abhishek at blacklightsw.com
Wed Aug 9 13:51:19 MSK 2017

I have a custom module running in ejabberd with the following function 'myMessage' that is triggered whenever a chat message is sent by the client.

I call some other module's functions from this function myMessage as follows: 

myMessage({#message = Msg, C2SState})->

    {Msg, C2SState};
myMessage(Acc) ->

In the call

>      some_other_module:some_func(Args),

some_func() contains code written in Erlang's Message passing construct, and while its operation stores a state State in a mnesia table. But the next line

>      State=mnesia_module:read(key),

always shows a empty value of table as {atomic,[]},

And when I insert a timer:sleep/1 between these two lines as 



I sometimes get the correct and current value of State and sometimes get a value which was the value of the previous state.

Thus it gives me a feeling that in the first case with no timer:sleep/1 present and in the second case where the timer:sleep/1 is present but is giving me the value of the previous state, the second line 


is getting executed before the first line is able to execute completely and write into the mnesia table.

Can anyone suggest a way out of it?

Also the variable 'State' will get updated on each call, hence I am not sure if my choice of mnesia is a correct one or not. So any kind of suggestion will be very helpful.

Best Regards, 
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